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Saturday, June 18, 2011

About Our Temple


I am Vishobh V Nair, now working in Thermo corp, Dubai. I am based at Tiruvananthapuram, the capital of kerala. I’m fortunate enough to be blessed by the famous Mahedava Temple at Maruthoorkonam, about 21kilometers from trivandrum central and about 7 kilometers from Vizhinjam. This is a very ancient temple located in ‘Kottukal’ village. ‘Mahadevan’ is the main diety worshipped here with Ganpati, Devi, Nagar and Mandramoorthi asthe sub- dieties.

The place where the temple is situated was a field and while farmers were working they struck a stone which started bleeding. This later on evolved as the ‘Swayambhoo Vigraham’ of Maruthoorkonam Mahadeva Temple.

Every month on ‘thiruvathira nakshtra’ there is ‘Annadanam’. Maha Sivratri is celebrated on a grand scale with 10days of poojas and celebrations. During the festival season the Temple is lit by thousands of ‘Jyothis’ and decorated beautifully by Garlands of flowers.There is ‘Thalapoli’ where women with ‘Thalam’ containing ‘Jyothi’ lumber slowly accompanied by ‘Vadya Melams’ of different kinds.The festival season is also marked by ‘Samooha Sadya’ where thousands of people gather for food.

Maruthoorkonam Mahadeva Temple also forms a part of the ‘Shivalayaottam’-a traditional custom practiced by Hindus in South Kerala during Maha Sivratri where devotees visits 12 temples of Lord Shiva in southern tip of India. ‘Kalapooja’ is a very important ritual being practiced in this temple by young girls as an offering to ‘Mahadevan’ for obtaining good husbands and bring prosperity in their life. ‘Mahadevan’ is believed to be ‘Kshipraprasadi’(ie, he can be easily pleased by our sincere faith and trust in Him). The entire village is filled with the Presence and Blessings of Lord Shiva and I invite everyone to come and experience this sacred treasure of fortune.

When I was begning this ‘site’ many people criticized me as crazy on spending my energy and time on this site. But I have to tell those who critise only one thing, “ dont think so small”. Not many people know about Maruthoorkonam Mahadeva Temple, a few thousands perhaps.But that is not a lot. When I consider the immense favours recieved in my life, it would be really selfish if i do not share this path of fortune with others who are ignorant about this grace and are still suffering. So if I build this site , it can be a Temple of Light. People all over the world will hear about it and they will come to see ‘Mahadevan’ at Maruthoorkonam. Once they come here they will feel the powers of ‘Mahadevan’ and take back his blessings to their homes and countries. And if enough do, a time of Goodness will come in this world when there will be no sufferings and all will live happily here.

We should always remember that we humans are provided with all the faculties like intellect, wisdom,knowledge and power to accomplish good deeds. Once the mind has the desire to lead a good life, in a commendable way, then knowledge and opportunity to do so are granted. Once a person sincierly desires to live in peace for the rest of his or her life, plans will fall into place. Develop devotion to ‘God’ ,practice having good thoughts and do good deeds – all these things will bring peace to our lives. Peace, obtained in the mind, is permanent. To acquire peace we need to cultivate our devotion to God. So long as our desires and our prayers are sincere, we shall be showered with peace. Peace of mind is more important than any material wealth including money, property and all other comforts. And when there is no agitation in the mind, there are fewer burning desires and fewer bad thoughts.

So please do come and recieve the blessings of ‘Mahadevan’ !

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