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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Maruthoorkonam Mahadeva Temple Dwaja Pratishta Maholsav

Ohm Namaha Shivaya !

The Divine consecration of the Dwaja Pratishta of Maruthoorkonam Mahadeva Temple is being celebrated on a grand scale from 12 th to 19 th of January 2011.The Maholsav begins with the consecration on 12 th Jan at 5 pm in the devine presence and grace of Hh Uthradam Tirunal Marthandavarma who will be welcomed with Poorna Kumbha by the Temple Tantri.There will be Ganpati Homam at everyday morning at 4:30 and many special poojas throughout the festival like Ganpati Pooja, Raksha Kalasam,Vasthu Kalasam,Vasthu Bali,Vasthu Kalasabhishekam, Punyaham etc.There will also be an elogent procession from the temple towards the end of the celebrations and there will be the Arattu marking the end of 7 days of divine rituals and celebrations. Let this be a blessing to all those who witness the ceremony.We pray Lord Mahadeva to help us to solemnice this wonderful occassion with his grace and blessings!

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