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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Attukal Pongala

“Ohm Sarva Mangala Mangalye
Shiva Sarvartha Sadika
Sharanya Trayambake Devi
Narayani Namosthutha”

Attukal pongala is a famous Hindu festival celebrated at Attukal DeviTemple,in Thiruvananthapuram , Kerala . The annual Attukal PongalaMahotsavam” is celebrated during the Malayalam month Kumbham on the “Pooram Nakshtra”. Which usually comes in tha months of February or March.In this year this famous ritual is being held on 19 th february 2011,Saturday.Thousands of women from all over Kerala or rather India assemble around the temple premises for ritualising their offering of Pongala irrespective of their religion and caste.
Attukal devi temple is also known as "SABARIMALA OF WOMEN" Attukalpongala is an exclusive women's festival and has entered the GinnesBook of World Records for being the world's largest religiousgathering of women.

This offering of Pongala is made as a symbol of love and trust to Attukalamma who always protect , love and care her worshipers. It is believed or rather witnessed by many that by offering Pongala Devi blesses them with many happiness in their life in one way or other. The Legend of this temple is connected to the Women “Karnaki” who cursed a kingdom for taking away her husband’s life due to false allegations of theft. And it is said that due to this same reason women is being given importance during this grand ceremony.

The Pongala begins with the “Melshanti” transfering the “Divine Jyothy” to tha first “Pongala Aduppu” inside the temple. There after this Jyothi is transfered to thousands of “Pongala Aduppu” located in and around the temple. Some of the main offering made at the time of Pongala is the making of “Pongala payasam”, “Terali” , “Mandaputtu” etc which are different forms of sweet dishes offered to Attukalamma by her Worshipers.

After making all these, the Poojari from the temple come and spray tha “Holy Teeratham”in the offerings of the first Pongala Aduppu .After that this theertham is sprayed to offerings of each and every worshiper symbolising that Devi recieved the offerings from her worshipers as “Prasadam”. After that the people take these Prasadam home with a belief that Devi brings on prosperity to their life and with a hope to make offering of Pongala in the Next Year.

Let Attukalamma shower her blessings on all of us !

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