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Wednesday, March 2, 2011



The Fasing or Vrit is observed by the Hindus as an offering for the fulfilment of a vow. Fasting observed in each day of the week is associated with different Dieties and the " Monday Fasting" is closely linked to Lord Shiva. The devotees observe this fast inorder to please Lord Shiva.

Usually the Fast is observed from sunrise to sunset on monday and begins by visiting the Shiva Temple. This Fasting is usually observed by women folk by taking only a single meal on monday which is usually after mid day. The deotees usually wear white dress and offer white flowers to Lord Shiva and chant the Manthra of " Ohm Nama Shivaya" during the temple visit.

The Fasting ends after the devotees reach the Temple the next day morning.There are many stories associated with the Monday Fast. Among this three of the stories has gained much popularity which includes a story of a poor man gaining wealth, a story of a rich merchant have a son and later get hisloving son's life back due to the blessings of Lord Shiva and the third story of a man who is freed of his sufferings.

All these stories envisages the importance of the Monday Fast. Many young girls observe this fast for getting gud husband and married women observe this fast for the health and long life of their husband. Observing of fasting usually symbolycally represent the setting apart of our material pleasures for the remembrance of the Almighty God.

Let Lord Shiva shower all his blessings upon this world.

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