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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ochira Parabrahma Temple

Ochira Parabrahma Temple

In Kerala about 32 Km away to the north of Kollam , in Ochira ,there is a temple for the concept of PARABRAHMA. Parabrahma is the conceptual form of God which pervades everywhere and in everything. It is the basis of the philosophical religion of the Vedas. As can be expected, there is no walls or a presiding deity there. It is a 36 acres of open land covered by trees . The pooja or worship is offered to two banyan trees in this land. Some old Kavu (temple ) structures are also there in this land. Normally nothing is offered to this God who himself is nothing. Some earth is offered as Prasada. The festival in this temple is celebrated for 12 days in the month of Vrichigam . People of all castes and religion come and camp in the grounds of the temple. Erupethettam onam is celebrated every year in ochira on the 28th day of the Onamfestival with procession generally known as "Kaala kettu". Normally the day falls in September or October. The 'Ochirakali' and 'Panthrandu Vilakku' are celebrated on the first and second of Malayalam month 'Mithunam'. These two are famous festivals at Ochira temple.Ochira Kali is associated with the battles fought between Kollam and Kayamkulam Rajas. Martial art displays are conducted on the day of the festival. Men, irrespective of age, engage in mock duels, wielding wooden sticks in their hands on a vast ground filled with water up to the knee level.
Many bulls are looked after by this temple

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