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Friday, March 11, 2011

Velorvattom Maha devar Temple

Velorvattom Maha devar Temple
Cherthala is famous for a temple "Velorvattom Mahadevar Temple", worshipping lord Shiva. The temple has two "nada" (entries) which is rare in Kerala. The temple is owned by "Aazvancherry thamprakkal" and now running by Kerala Urazma Devasam Board (KUDB). It is believed that the temple was created by Villimangalm swami, around 700 years ago.
The Temple has two Nadas ,two Dhawjas and Sreekovils in which Lord Shiva resides in two forms which is very rare in Kerala.One on the north side known as the Vadakkanappan is considered to be the original pratishta and the pratishta on the south side is a Swayambhoo Vigraham called the Tekkanappan. A Bull is also reared by the authorities in the temple premises as it is considered to be closely related to Lord Shiva.

The temple also consists of other Pratishtas namely Mahavishnu, Shasthavu, Ganpathi, Yakshiamma and Naga Pratishta.The Naga Pratishta is given equal importance in this temple. Shivaratri is being celebrated on a grand scale in this tample. An Eight days festival is celebrated in the malayalam month of Kumbham.

Among the imporatant Vazhpadu in this temple the more common ones include Purakuvilakku, Koovala Mala, Dhara, Sangabhishekam, Mritunjaya Pushpanjali for Lord shiva and PattumManjal and Talichukoda for Naga pratishta.There is also aVazhipadu named Pitrunamaskaram which is made as an offering to the souls of those who passed away.

This temple is considered to be the MoolaKudumbam of many well known Families in Kerala. This temple is one among the 108 temples concecrated by Parasurama in Kerala. It is believed that Nirmalya Darsanam in Velorvattom Mahadeva temple can lessen our sufferings and bring prosperity to our lifes.

The temple is located at about 2 kilometers towards the west of KSRTC bus station ,Cherthala and about half kilometers towards the east of Cherthala Railway Station.

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  1. Hello , We reside in US but are malayalis. We are looking to perform some pooja and are looking for the Velorvattom Temple's office number.
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