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Friday, July 22, 2011



The Lords fourth incarnation was Nara-simham This incarnation was demi-human- Half human and Half animal(lion). Nara means human simham means lion.

Hiranyakashipu was a very cruel king. In order to get long life and power, he went to the forest and did penance to get immortality . After a severe and devoted penance for a long time God appeared before him. He asked God for immortality. But God said no. He said all men when born have to die some time or the other and cannot live for ever. God said "ask something else" Then Hiranyaksha asked that he should not die either at the hands of any human or killed by any animal - in the day or at night. God gave him the boon asked for and disappeared.

When Hiranyakashipu went to the forest to do penance, his wife was pregnant.In the meantime Indra kidnaped Hiranyakashipu’s wife. Naradha the sage came and stoped him and took that lady to his abode and told her good moral stories.She would listen to him but sleep off. At that time the Sage would start to tell the stories of God Vishnu and also Prayers to God Narayana. The child in the womb of the lady listened to all the stories about Narayana and also the prayers. These got embedded firmly in the mind of the child-to-be born. The child when born was named Prahalada and he grew up as an ardent devotee of Lord narayana.

Hiranyakashipu had ordered all his subjects and all around him to pray to himself and not to any god.Hence was much annoyed by the devotion of his son to lord Narayana whom he considered as his enemy. Prahalada was ill-treated and tortured to forget god Narayana but could not get him to forget the Lord. Hiranyakashipu lost all his patience and one day in irritation asked prahalatha "Ok my boy where is that god Narayana ? Can you show me"? "yes" said Prahalada.He is everywhere and anywhere. The Rakshasa asked his son " pointing to a pillar "is he in this pillar ?" "yes he is in this pillar" said the son. Immediately the rakshasa took his huge club and hit the pillar.

The pillar broke in to two pieces and from it appeared Narasimha neither a human nor an animal ie (half man and half lion) and took the Rakshasa on his lap and killed him with his claws. Thus came to end the evil called Hiranyakashipu. God took Narasimha avathar only to kill evil. This was Lord's fifth incarnation to show people they should be devoted to the God.

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