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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Holy Rivers of Kerala - PAMBHA

Holy Rivers of Kerala
There are 44 major rivers in Kerala of which 41 are west flowing and 3 east flowing. All these rivers originate from the Sahyadri hills. Periyar is the longest river in Kerala followed by Bharathapuzha and Pambha.


Pamba River originates from Peermedu near Sabrimala, Kerala, and measures 175 Kms.Pamba is the most important point on the way to Sabarimala. It is here that Lord Ayappa was found by King Rajasekara. It is considered as sacred as the Ganges and is believed to purify one of sins. All pilgrims take a ritual dip in the river before heading to Sabarimala. Pilgrims also perform ‘pitru tarpanam’ (offering to ancestors) before starting the trek to the shrine.

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