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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thiruvairanikulam Temple , Aluva

The famous Thiruvairanikulam Temple in Aluva, Ernakulam District or Kerala, is famous for the shrine dedicated to Goddess Parvati Devi. The unique feature of Thiruvairanikulam Mahadeva Temple is the annual Nadathurappu Mahothsavam – the openings of the doors of Goddess Parvathi Devi’s Shrine. Goddess Parvati shrine at Thiruvairanikkulam Temple will be opened only for 12 days in a year. Known as Nadathurappu Mahothsavam, every year on Thiruvathira star in the Malayalam month of Dhanu (December – January), Goddess Parvathi's Sreekovil will be opened for darshan to devotees.
Temple Features
The temple is situated near a village called Srimoola Nagaram, in the banks of river Periyar. A Mandapam in front of the Lord Shiva has an idol of the Rishabam, the celestial bull, which is seen facing the Lord. Lord Ganapathy is seen in the nearby lawn, facing east. Other deities found here are Lord Dharmasastha (Swami Ayyappa), Lord Mahavishnu, Goddess Satidevi and Goddess Durga.
It is believed that the temple was found during the period of Agnihotri - one among the legendary Parayi Petta Panthirukulam. Story of why Goddess Parvathi Idol at Thiruvairanikulam Temple is opened for only 12 days?Legend goes that in the past, it was Goddess Parvathi who had prepared food for Lord Mahadeva in the Thidappilli (temple kitchen) and no one was allowed inside the kitchen. But, once a Brahmin belonging to the Uranmakkar (people who have the right on the temple) started to find out the secret. The Brahmin was amazed to see the Goddess in her full attire and shouted in excitement. The Goddess who got angry disappeared saying that he had deviated from the tradition. The Brahmin requested the angry Goddess not to leave the place. However, the goddess conceded that she would return to the place for a period of twelve days every year from the day of Thiruvathira in the month of Dhanu, which is the birthday of Lord Shiva. This annual visit of the Goddess is celebrated in great pomp. Unlike other temples, Abhishekam is done for the deity using turmeric powder.
Pooja Schedule
Lord Shiva is offered with four pooja services including one Naivedyam. The celestial bull, unlike in other temples, cannot be touched by devotees or even by the Kazhaka (one who maintains the temple surroundings), except by the Thantris or Brahmins who are permitted to do so. A cleansing ceremony is performed if somebody touches the bull.

Nadathurappu Mahothsavam – Opening of Goddess Parvati Temple
During these 12 days of Nadathurappu Mahothsavam festival at Thiruvairanikkulam Temple, the sanctum is opened for the public and the Goddess Parvathi is decorated in oriental silks. Various offerings are made to the deity such as Silk Saree and wedding Thali (necklace), turmeric powder, Swayamvara Archana (pooja performed to remove marriage obstacles), Valkannadi (a unique mirror found only in Kerala), Nelpara, Malarpara, Aripara, Sarkara para, offerings in the form of oil lamps, Thrimadhuram and Brahminipattu.

It is widely believed that the worship at this temple will ensure prosperity and spiritual enlightenment.Devotees visit the temple for a blissful,healthy and harmonious marital life.Thousands of devotees come to the temple believe that darshan of both Mahadeva and Sree Parvathy brings a bliss in marital life by a prolonged and happy married life

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