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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kshetra Kalakal - Koothu


It is a classical art form known popularly known as “Chakyar Koothu / Nangiyar koothu” depending on the gender of the performing artist. Koothu is a solo dance accompanied by a Nambiar beating a Mizhavu and Nagiyar woman on cymbals exactly like in “Koodiyattam” and is definitely within the frame work of “Thandava” dance style of “Natyasastra”. Narrating in Sanskrit first and then explaining in Malayalam, the actor has got ample opportunity to criticize / comment on various contemporary issues. Serpentine type head gear in Koothu represents Anantha, the legendary serpent with one thousand heads and that many tongues. Double edged black mustache and sandal paste all over the upper body with red lines, are notable factors of makeup in Koothu.

In Nangiyar koothu Nambiar women uses elaborate makeup, lots of ornaments and a head cap with a small serpent. “Sree Krishna charitham” (epic of Lord Krishna) is the main text forNagiyar koothu.

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