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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kshetra Kalakal - Thullal

Thullal is classified in to three namelyOttan, Seethankan and Parayan of whichOttanthullal is more popular.

Known as poor man’s Kathakali, Ottanthullal is very satirical in nature. Kunjan Nambiar, a malayalam poet, who was on Mizhavu during a “Koodiyattom” play, dozed off during performance and was ridiculed by Chakyar. The very next dayNambiar chartered this act thullal, outside the temple as a protest. During the course of time “thullal” became a perfect solo dance/drama. Dance songs are in simple Malayalam. With Gaudy epaulets, gilled crowns, beaded breast plates, colorful skirts and painted faces, Ottanthullalemploys elaborate make up. Even though thullal gives importance to dance, very often it turns monotonous due to lack of variety. To compensate the actor add more satire and instant humor.

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