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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Onam Customs and Rituals - Onakkodi


Onam is never complete without Onakkodi, the new clothes purchased for the festival. Much importance is attached to the dresses worn during Onam and the attires not only have a festive implication but also a spiritual significance. Since Onam is a happy occasion and it is the beginning of something new, people wear and gift new clothes on this day. Loved ones and close relatives also gift each other new clothes which are known as Onakkodi or Onapudava. It is usually the eldest member of the family who distributes the new clothes. Even the servants of the house are gifted with Onapudava. During Onam, the feast and festive mood of the people, dressed in their best, is considered reminiscent of the prosperous and truthful life of the subjects during Mahabali's flawless reign. People wear new clothes (Vastra) during Onam. The 'Vastra' also stands for heart. Thus the significance of wearing new clothes is about making the heart new by removing all bad thoughts and feelings. People forgetting their sectarian outlooks, join together to welcome the auspicious 'Thiruvonam' day.

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